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Electrical Apprenticeships

Earn While You Learn

An electrical apprenticeship is 9000 hours of on-the-job training which breaks down into five terms of 1800 hours each. The pay scale is as follows:

First term (0 – 1800 hours) 40% of journeyperson rate
Second term (1801 – 3600 hours) 50% of journeyperson rate
Third term (3601 – 5400 hours) 60% of journeyperson rate
Fourth term (5401 – 7200 hours) 70% of journeyperson rate
Fifth term (7201 – 9000 hours) 80% of journeyperson rate

There are also three terms of trade school which must be completed during the course of an electrical apprenticeship – the first term is for eight weeks, the second and third terms are for ten weeks. The hours spent in trade school count as hours towards the apprenticeship.

When 9000 hours of work and three terms of school have been completed, an apprentice must pass a final exam with a mark of at least 70% to obtain a Certificate of Qualification and become a licensed 309A electrician.

Prerequisites to begin an apprenticeship with the IBEW Local 120 include Grade 12 math, physics or chemistry and English or related post secondary education.

Benefits of an Electrical Apprenticeship with IBEW 120

  • Higher wages
  • Benefits
  • A retirement
  • A very diverse work experience that is focused on a safety first culture.

Apprenticeship Jurisdiction

To apply for an apprenticeship with the IBEW Local 120 please fill out the information form and the applications will be sent to you.

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Apprenticeship Jurisdiction Map

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